Bellows Return to Rough Trade NYC to Kick Off New Tour on Friday Night

June 27, 2018

Brooklyn singer-songwriter Oliver Kalb has worked with a variety of local bands and as part of the Kings County musicians-filmmakers-and-artists collective the Epoch, but he’s perhaps most known for his solo bedroom-pop work as Bellows. Recorded at home in just a day, As if to Say I Hate Daylight (stream it below) dropped in 2011, followed by Blue Breath (stream it below) three years later. But he really began to make some noise with his third long-player Fist & Palm (stream it below), out in 2016. “Fist & Palm is the most densely packed Bellows release to date, with Kalb throwing everything he has into these songs. ‘Thick Skin’ sounds like an unearthed song from the Postal Service, with silky vocal harmonies bouncing off the song’s mix acoustic and electronic elements,” said the A.V. Club. “But even when the songs are stripped down, such as the delicate ‘Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter,’ Kalb’s creations sound far more fully realized than ever before.” Preparing to say goodbye to that third album and move on musically, Bellows (above, performing “Cease to Be” for Audiotree TV) kick off a new tour on Friday night at Rough Trade NYC. Stolen Jars and Anna McClellan open the show.

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