Music Hall of Williamsburg
Vision Of Disorder

Vision Of Disorder

Primitive Weapons, Yuppicide, Swarm of Arrows

Sat, November 24, 2012

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 18 and over

A portion of the money from this show will be donated to the Red Cross.

Vision Of Disorder
Vision Of Disorder
One of the most innovative and widely admired bands to emerge from the
never-ending collision between hardcore and metal, Vision Of Disorder
exploded from the streets of Long Island, NYC, with their self-titled debut
album in 1996. Rapidly established as one of the hottest heavy bands on the
planet, they were merely reaping the rewards of several years of hard slog
as they honed their daring crossover sound across a series of gritty and
groundbreaking demos prior to signing with Roadrunner Records’ Supersoul

Formed by guitarists Matt Baumbach and Mike Kennedy in 1992 and completed by vocalist Tim Williams, bassist Mike Fleischmann and drummer Brendon Cohen, their first official release was a split single with fellow NY crew Loyal ToNone, but it was 1995’s seven-inch Still EP that sealed the Roadrunner deal for this groundbreaking riff squad. With a burgeoning underground following who lauded the band’s blending of their traditional hardcore roots with more adventurous melodic and rhythmic elements, VOD were the right band for the right time, as the lines between metal and hardcore became ever more blurred
and heavy music entered an era where cross-pollination was the name of the game.

Released in October ’96, Vision Of Disorder was a fearsome and fearless
debut that quite rightly put the band firmly on the radar throughout the
metal world. Songs like Element, Liberation and D.T.O. sounded
simultaneously like the future and the past, and Williams’ impassioned vocal delivery was impossible to dismiss for anyone who demanded sincerity and intensity from their music.

After a great deal of touring and spreading of the VOD word, the band
reconvened to create a follow-up record in 1998. Somewhat stymied by raw production values that were effectively forced on them by the limitations of a two-week studio session, Imprint emerged in the summer and received a mixed bag of reviews, ranging from the ecstatic to the disillusioned. The presence of Pantera’s Phil Anselmo on the scorching By The River certainly helped to raise the album’s profile and his endorsement of VOD strengthened ties with the metal scene at large, but the band’s relationship with Roadrunner came to an abrupt end as Imprint failed to surpass the success of its predecessor.

Newly independent, VOD released a collection of re-recorded demos and new material called For The Bleeders in August ’99 on the low-key Go-Kart label, before retreating into the urban shadows to work on their third album. Audibly influenced by southern rock and grunge as much as hardcore or metal, 2001’s From Bliss To Devastation confused many fans but delighted others, adding yet more layers of intrigue and invention to the VOD sonic masterplan. Unfortunately the record was a comparative failure in commercial terms and its creators became disheartened and announced that they were to go on an indefinite hiatus in 2002. Williams and Kennedy teamed up to form epic metalcore merchants Bloodsimple, while Fleischmann and Cohen became members of Karnov. However, the lure of VOD soon proved to be too strong and the band reunited in 2006 for a brief three-song set at a Bloodsimple show in Long Island and received such a rapturous response that they decided to
perform a full gig together later that year at NYC’s Super Bowl Of Hardcore fest in Manhattan. Several more reunion shows followed, some of which were filmed for a proposed DVD that would eventually emerge under the title Dead In NY in 2008. Later that same year it was confirmed that VOD were back in action for real and working on material for a new studio album. By mid-2010, the band were on a creative roll and began shopping new material to labels. Shows with Life Of Agony, Biohazard and Glassjaw (during their brief UK run in 2011) added to the growing buzz around the reformed quintet, who entered the studio last spring to piece their latest magnum opus together. In June2011, Vision Of Disorder unveiled the first fruits of their renewed collaboration, posting new song The Enemy online and generating a storm of excitement and approval.

Finally, over a decade on from their last album, VOD are back. Newly signed with revered underground label Candlelight Records, the Long Island destroyers are set to wreak havoc and incite wild pits across the globe when their brand new yet untitled full-length drops later in 2012. Reliably one step ahead of the game, the new record takes the best from past VOD releases and adds plenty of new ideas and vitality to an already heady brew of savage riffing and fearless proclamations. Let disorder reign!
Joe (Long Island), Steve (CT), and Jesse (London, UK) met while attending art school in Brooklyn, NY; John Lynch (Brooklyn) was recruited on drums and in 1988 Yuppicide was formed. They quickly recorded a 9-song demo tape and began playing at CBGB's, Abc-No-Rio, basements, backyards, squats, living rooms; anywhere and everywhere that they were allowed.

In 1989 they recorded a 7" EP with world-famous Don Fury. This was initially released on 'Evac Records', but the band soon forged an alliance with New York's 'Wreck*Age' Records, and the 7" was re-released by them.

Their first full length: "Fear Love" (Wreck-Age) was released in 1990, after which they toured through Europe for 7 weeks building a strong fan base that has stayed with them ever since.

Their second full length: "Shinebox" was released in 1993 (Wreck-Age), and marked a stylistic progression, aided by the addition of drummer Pete Guinan.

By their third full length release: "Dead Man Walking" (Wreck-Age), Yuppicide had carved out a niche all their own, with songs that had elements of punk, and the power of hardcore, but a style that was solely Yuppicide!

Yuppicide's songs have consistently dealt with issues of: questioning authority, censorship, and problematic relationships. With lyrics that encompasses various characters (assassins to anorexic teenage girls), and a musical style that combines Punk, Hardcore, Oi and metal; Yuppicide has rarely walked the common NYHC path.

In early 2010, work began on a 'complete discography', seeing how Yuppicide's material was long out of print. This coincided with the offer to play the 2010 'Black and Blue Bowl' in Manhattan, recruiting NYHC drum legend Gringo Starr (Jason Rogan) on drums. The band looks forward to rehearsing, releasing their 2-CD discograhpy and terrorizing stages both in the US and beyond in support of the discography's release. They hope to reconnect with fans who stayed loyal through the years, and create new converts to the singular sound/experience that is Yuppicide.
Swarm of Arrows
Venue Information:
Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 North 6th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11249