Music Hall of Williamsburg
Good Riddance

Fat Wreck Chords and Rocks Off CMJ Showcase

Good Riddance

The Flatliners, Western Addiction, Morning Glory, Nightbirds

Fri, October 18, 2013

Doors: 6:00 pm / Show: 7:00 pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY

This event is 16 and over

Part of CMJ Music Marathon

Good Riddance
Good Riddance is a hardcore punk band from Santa Cruz, California which was formed in the early 1990s. The band grew out of California's vibrant surfing and skateboarding culture and was influenced by such bands as Black Flag, The Adolescents, TSOL and Bad Religion as well as East Coast bands like Sick Of It All and the Cro Mags.

The group's early years were spent going through line up changes, playing local and regional shows and recording demos as they developed their sound. Early tours and a 7" record release on Little Deputy Records in 1993 ("Gidget") brought the band widespread interest and overwhelmingly positive reviews.

In 1994 the band caught the interest of Fat Wreck Chords who released the "Decoy" 7" later that year while the band hit the studio with producer Ryan Greene to record their first full length album "For God And Country" which was released in early 1995.

Over the next decade Good Riddance went on to release seven full length albums and an EP for Fat while crisscrossing the globe dozens of times on tour. The band developed a dedicated and passionate fan base through their constant touring and politically charged music. Good Riddance began donating a portion of their record sales to various organizations and doing whatever they could to raise awareness about the causes they felt strongly about.

In May 2007 Good Riddance played their final show, fittingly in their hometown of Santa Cruz. The members then went their separate ways to raise families and pursue careers. Though there have been numerous offers to reform and play in the five years since, the band has turned them all down.

In 2012 the members of Good Riddance decided to get together and play a few shows again. The reason was simple: they missed the songs. The group has no immediate plans for any further releases at this point but is looking forward to reuniting on stage and celebrating the memorable material they have longed to play and which their loyal fans have been waiting to hear once again.
The Flatliners
The Flatliners
Punk rock used to be about haggard road warriors. Before all the breakdowns and flat irons, there were busted transmissions and collect calls home. The Flatliners grew up believing in the later and rejecting the former, and after seven years playing together, they're unleashing Cavalcade, their third full-length record and an epic sonic testament to the life they've chosen.

Over the last four years, the Flatliners have spent almost thirty months in vans, dive bars, and concert halls across North America, Europe, and Japan, building up a dedicated following with a sound that mixes the endless fury of '90s skate punk with the nuanced, intelligent songwriting of classic post-punks like the Replacements and Hot Water Music. After releasing the ska-punk tinged Destroy to Create (Union Label Group) in 2005, the band evolved into a harsh melodic machine with 2007's The Great Awake (Fat Wreck Chords), completing their transition into a vital modern punk unit with the Cynics 7" (Fat Wreck Chords) in late 2009.

For Cavalcade, the Flatliners once again teamed up with long-time producer and friend Steve Rizun, recording sporadically between tours in their hometown of Toronto over the course of 2009. Seeking to immortalize the last year of their lives on the road, the end result is easily the band's finest hour; from the thrashy immediacy of "The Calming Collection" to the dub-influenced "He Was A Jazzman", it's the sound of a band hitting their stride musically and finding their voice lyrically, exploring the idea of unity through disconnectedness, of positivity in uncertain times. Driving home the theme are the numerous guest appearances on the record: members of Cancer Bats, A Wilhelm Scream, Dillinger Four, The Snips, Junior Battles, Permanent Bastards, and the Expos all contributed to Cavalcade. Add to that the presence of veteran punk Fat Mike, who flew up to jam with the band in November of 2009, earning an additional production credit and making one of the band's childhood dreams come true.

They've grown up on record and in front of a crowd of like-minded punks. They've made sacrifices to keep the wheels of their van on the road, and Cavalcade is the reward. It really is, as the band says, "a call to arms to all who travel throughout the world on the wings of their creativity."
Morning Glory
Morning Glory
M-Glory is a group of New York City musicians who came together in the interest of making music fun for themselves again. With roots deep in the politi-kil punk scene of the Lower East Side and Brooklyn, MG's lyrical content never strays far from the things they see as axiom, tho it tends to be more personal than other bands and projects they've been in over the years.

The music is heavy and melodic and meant to be played out doors under the sun. Big anthemic choruses and sped up verses bring it somewhere in between early Oasis and The Clash (or so it's been heard), yet they defy and abhor labels, preferring just to write what they hear in their collective head, calling music making an exorcism of the insomnia demons. Playing for the despondent, kids who lost their families or come from broken homes, and those who are destitute or trying to exit a bad situation, popularity and commercial success mean nothing to MGlory. (Recently they turned down a deal with a record label because they were told the songs were too long. Ezra said "songs are as long as they need to be and we're not going to change em just so we can be on a big fuckin record label.")

If even just one kid out there somewhere hears the music and makes it thru another day, or gets thru life in a shit town where everything sucks and he's tormented and outcast for being gay, or just wearing freaky black clothing, Mglory will have done it's job.

The newest record due for release in the upcoming winter/spring occasionally has an accompanying orchestra, or string quartet, and is more piano driven than previous material they've tracked. While staying true to their punk/squatter ethics the band is determined not to be pigeon-holed or labeled, and generally hopes the music will speak for itself. A type of music they're calling "Revolution Rock". (But bearing in mind the only war worth winning is the war within... it's a revolution of the heart and of the mind.) Keeping it dance-able and fun, all thanks is given from the band to the fans, whom they recognize as the real breath and soul of the group. Which makes their job of coming together to make music fun again a pleasure indeed. With this band the audience really IS a part of the music. Without the fans this band would not be happening. M-Glory is a concept that belongs to the fans... and everyone knows it.

Revolution Rock On!
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Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 North 6th St
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