Music Hall of Williamsburg
No Age

No Age

Ornament, Regal Degal

Thu, September 5, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY

This event is 16 and over

No Age
No Age
Forever cascading forward in a positive direction, gleefully instinctive, No Age erupt out of your speakers, blasting away the clouds above the smoggy cityscape to reveal a solar flaring sun. With an ecstatic force bubbling around and beyond their music, they release contagious energy like they’re main-lining a field full of whirring wind turbines, while tuned into an ancient celestial power source.

No Age is the duo of Dean Spunt and Randy Randall, they are on a constant journey to explore the furthest reaches of sound. They set out with one particular rule in mind: To write songs that we would be psyched to listen to. On a first listen, discovering each new dose of their alchemy is exhilarating—they produce perfectly crafted songs, underpinned by infectious melodies and ear-piercing cacophony. This swirling mix of unstoppable momentum is catapulted into the stratosphere by sweeping bursts of symphonic growls. Their power is enunciated through their ability to take their core of catchy song-writing and expand its emotional influence through tone, structure and noise. Everything in Between, their third album and follow-up to 2008’s Nouns has now arrived.

The pair has now shifted far beyond their LA skate-punk origins, accentuating their development in each and every creak and crack on Everything in Between. The record represents a bold step in their creative evolution, it documents their lives and their artistic progression more prominently welded into a permanent union. It is a culmination of reflecting upon life’s ruptures and triumphs; the process of moving through these moments banged and bruised, yet better off for the wear and tear. These moments have provided fervent creative springboards, inspiring Dean and Randy to push the limits of sound collage and song arrangements further than they have before. From the huge parts to the quiet sound-escapes, Everything in Between is more intentional and composed, constructing an honestly raw and captivatingly detailed record.

Dean and Randy connect the dots within the heritage of their constellation of influences: The Byrds through Husker Du, John Cale through The Ramones, The Go-Betweens through My Bloody Valentine; SST to Flying Nun, Sub Pop to Creation. All excitedly routed through the fury of the American underground. Influences are not regurgitated in a reverential style, but soaked up, understood, ripped apart, shredded, collaged and articulated into an inimitable sound through their dense layers of fuzz, haze and experimental art-pop.

They emerged from former band Wives in 2005, to become No Age, worldwide glowing talismans for the DIY art-punk scene in LA, now famously known as having its epicenter at The Smell, a clubhouse where art-life/music-life welded and inspired a creative movement and attitude which has fertilized a purple patch of like-minded punkers and artists around the globe. Since the release of Weirdo Rippers, their 2007 debut album (on FatCat Records), through Nouns, the band’s 2008 follow-up on Sub Pop, and beyond, No Age has earned enthusiastic notice from an incredibly wide array of sources; from Pitchfork to The New Yorker (“Let It Rip,” Nov. 19, 2007), and found themselves unlikely Grammy nominees (for Best Recording Packaging in 2008). No Age have risen from sweaty basement shows and art galleries to having their songs blast off the walls of the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), to performing at unconventional spaces both close to home and abroad.

The pair released Losing Feeling, a four-song EP, in 2009 and then spent six months, on and off, recording this new album from November through May. It’s the longest they’ve spent recording any project. They also found the time to soundtrack a short film from photographer Todd Cole for fashion label Rodarte, and wrote and performed a soundtrack to the Jean Jacques Annaud film The Bear. And the extra time was well-spent: editing down 25 songs to a lucky 13, and allowing for greater perspective by playing the new songs on the road at random shows in random towns, to reflect and fall in love with certain songs, and fall back in love with other songs.

Everything in Between is loaded with the epic jams you’ve come to love from No Age. You’ll be rapidly addicted to the tingling sensations and uplift of “Glitter,” “Fever Dreaming,” “Shred and Transcend,” and the final sweet flare of “la-la-la’s” on “Sorts” will make your soul fizz wildly. They’ve pushed themselves in challenging and different directions, deconstructing their weird-out pop songs while still maintaining their original aesthetic and intent. Where their explorations in sound were previously suspended separately around instrumental reveries and misty coatings of distortion, these abstractions are now adding to the emotion and euphoria throughout every song. Melody is formed from noise and samples; disorienting rhythms, howling tones, fuzzed-out scuffs, cuts and grazes, and heart-wrenching skree are all vital to embellishing the raw sentiment of the album.

At times it feels heavy, especially when Dean utters the refrain to the Bowie-tinted, “Common Heat”: Why do I come so close expecting to control/everyone around me knows I’m in trouble. It’s like they’re shedding a skin, cathartically transmuting past mistakes and pains into something positive. In so many ways, these punks have come of age. There’s a genuine and apparent baring of the soul here which manifests itself most clearly in the album’s two solo instrumentals (the first time they’ve included solo songs on an album). Both Dean’s “Dusted” and Randy’s “Positive Amputation” sway with melancholy vapors, adrift with life’s intense push and pull, though eventually burst free into a euphoric escape. The effect leaves you woozy and light-headed like you’ve spun around in a frenzy, arms outstretched, eyes sky-gazing as clouds giddily orbit your head.

With Everything in Between No Age proudly flies along personal artistic lines with no codes or rules, but a clear sense of who they are, and how much they can continue to explore sound within their own constructs. There is fire and magic in crafting sound to exude such positive feeling. It’s a fire with such warmth and life, you never want it to burn out. With No Age it is now clear this fire is effervescent, sparking and infinite. It will never fade away.
ORNAMENT is Joe DeNardo from GROWING. Joe plays guitar and percussion sounds. Sometimes different friends join in on some of the "songs". ORNAMENT is currently working on its first release for Animal Disguise Records.
Regal Degal
Regal Degal
Regal Degal are proud to announce their sophomore album Not Now, out on May 18th (UK/EU) & May 19th (NA) on CD / LP / Tape / DL on Terrible Records.

This collection of songs serves as the most essential Regal Degal record yet. Not Now is a culmination of the myriad experiences that have shaped the Regal sound - a stint in Los Angeles where the band released their debut full-length Veritable Who's Who on No Age's PPM Records, a recent relocation to NYC and countless shows with the likes of Black Dice, Chk Chk Chk, The Clean, Panda Bear, DIIV, Real Estate and Grizzly Bear - the latter of which turned out to be most fruitful for the band.

Produced in tandem with Grizzly Bear's Chris Taylor, and recorded in both Berlin and New York at the legendary Grizzly Bear church and Mexican Summer's Brooklyn studio, the band were able to truly capture the impact of their live show, while leaving space for Taylor's unique sense of space and dynamics.

Not Now toys with a dense array of sonic influences ranging from 60s psych pop, 70s glam and krautrock, 80s post-punk, 90s shoegaze, and a post-00s appreciation for a variety of electronic music (Italo disco, minimal synth, classic Chicago house) creating the album's vibrant and intricately woven fabric.

Track one "Delicious" takes the listener through its swaying dream-funk, decorated with a deliriously sweet bodega guitar lead that suggests a traditional melody of some forgotten old world celebration. After the first line drops -- "I hear a lonely cyborg sing a techno lullaby" - a melancholy cityscape begins to unfold.

Such is the terrain of Not Now -- bustling, vast, worldly, at once familiar and alien. "Ruining My Life" picks up where "Delicious" leaves off (literally, the first word of the song is "Delicious"). Its jangling 12-string guitar infuses an ecstasy-fuelled drum machine-driven hoedown, with a shimmering Johnny Marr-esque appreciation of precious melodic prowess.

Fun guitar riffs aside, Regal steps up the vocal game significantly this time around. From the tense Eno-esque strut of "Wide Awake" to the playfully devastating drama of "Pyramid Bricks",Not Now is a suite of deep and ponderous rock songs that stem from a curious mix of romantic and rhythmic sensibilities. It occupies many spaces at once, simultaneously existing in dimensions of pure joy, dire depression, and everything in between.

The album title itself presents the idea of another time, or perhaps a denial of the present -- could this be an acknowledgment of infinite possibilities beyond our present-minded daily routines, or maybe just an escape in general? It's a statement to consider, especially when choosing "not now" is an option that anyone with a laptop or a smartphone is confronted with on a daily basis. Maybe now is not the time to be doing whatever you're doing, but instead a good time to entertain a new idea, a new sound, a new record by a band new enough to keep people on their toes but seasoned enough to make it worth their time and energy.
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Music Hall of Williamsburg
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