Music Hall of Williamsburg
We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists

Beverly, Russian Baths

Thu, January 12, 2017

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Music Hall of Williamsburg

Brooklyn, NY

$18 advance / $20 day of show

This event is 18 and over

We Are Scientists
We Are Scientists
“That was awesome.” “I… I suppose so.” “Um…[laughs]” “So, I’ve got class early…” “Oh, yeah, me too. Um…” “I think your clothes are all on the chair. Should you get dressed?” “Yeah, um… I like this song. Who is it?” “We Are Scientists. You’re shitting me, you don’t know We Are Scientists?” “I… No, but it’s good, though.” “They’re absolute legends. I can’t believe you don’t know them.” “No, uh… I mean, it sounds familiar. I’ve definitely heard them. I’m still learning all the English bands, so–” “Well, they’re not English, are they? They’re from New York.” “Oh, no way. Are they new?” “Compared to The Rolling Stones, yes. This is only their fifth record, so yah, baby band.” “Whoa! How old are they?” “I suppose they can’t be that young — they’ve been around since 2005. But they look twenty-two. Very handsome.” “[laughs] Should I be jealous?” “No point in that. I’d trade up without hesitating.” “Hey now…” “They’re also intelligent and funny. And rock stars. Full package, really.” “‘Rock stars’ might be a strong term…” “They’ve played Jools Holland. And the big stage at Glastonbury, and Reading & Leeds, and T in the Park. They’ve sold out Brixton Plaza.” “Uh… did you just make up a bunch of words and try to use them as evidence?” “David Letterman! Coachella!” “Okay, definitely more familiar. Wait, so how big are they here?” “Well, their first album, With Love & Squalor, sold a hundred and fifty thousand copies.” “Is that a lot?” “That’s gold! It’s one for every man, woman and child!” “Wait, the population of England is a hundred and fifty thousand?” “Twat. It’s hyperbole.” “I love that you just called me a twat.” “Is it a compliment in America? It isn’t really here.” “[laughs]” “I was on holiday in Madrid once, and I saw them supporting R.E.M.? They blew them off the stage.” “Man, R.E.M. … now there’s a great band.” “Of course. That’s why it’s significant. I wouldn’t tell you about seeing them blow Good Charlotte off the stage.” “Right. Hey, this was fun, we should totally–” “And what’s amazing about this new album, Helter Seltzer, is that they made it with Katy Perry’s keyboard player, so it’s got all this great poppy synthesizer on it, and drum samples, but still with those amazing Scientist melodies. I think it’s my favorite one yet, which is crazy if you think about it.” “Oh. Well, what are you doing this week? Should we get together again? Maybe tomorrow?” “I mean, he was Katy Perry’s keyboardist for three years, this guy Max Hart, but before that? He was the Scientist’s keyboardist. That’s the thing, they always work with their friends. Like Chris Coady, who mixed this album? He produced the last album, TV en Français.” “TV…on…” “And their first three albums were all produced by Ariel Rechtshaid, who’s now like this hot-shit super-producer of Vampire Weekend and Usher.” “Oh. Man, you know a lot about We Are Scientists.” “What I actually love the most is their videos. So hilarious. Every one is like this crazy, weird concept that no other band would do. It’s like, if you’re a band, and you have money to make a video, don’t just make some boring thing where you stumble around on a beach pretending to sing.” “I know, right?” “Plus they make hilarious comedy videos, basically for no reason. Have you ever seen their Instagram?” “Uh, I think so. It’s all those pictures of, of like–” “They do these short videos on it? They’re amazing. So funny.” “Right! Yeah, I think I’ve seen those.” “But the absolute best is their concerts. God, I’ve seen them about twenty times.” “Whoa. Twenty? That’s like how many times I’ve seen baseball.” “Such amazing songs, and it’s so unpredictable. Like things are always breaking, or somebody climbs on top of something, or Keith comes down in the audience, or Chris plays half the show in the audience.” “Huh.” “And between songs they always have a big chat, and it’s hilarious.” “Right.” “And different every time! Not memorized. Which is why I’m completely gutted.” “You’re… what do you mean?” “Well they’re playing in a week, aren’t they? But the show’s sold out and I didn’t get a ticket because I was at my stupid brother’s wedding.” “That’s cool about your brother. Congratulations.” “It’s all fucked. I wish I didn’t have a brother. The wedding was nice and all, but I wish I’d respectfully not attended and reserved a bloody We Are Scientists ticket, you know?” “Well, I guess…” “I suppose I’m just going to stand outside of Koko and try to mug someone.” “Um… Koko?” “Yah, Koko. Why? What?” “Um… well, that’s my cousin’s venue. He’s the manager there. That’s, like, that’s who I’m staying with. I live in his apartment.” “You’re living in the manager of Koko.” “Yeah, he’s my cousin. Tim.” “Tim. So… yes.” “Yes?” “Yes, I’m free tomorrow night.” “Oh! Ha. Great, should I just–” “Let’s meet at yours. At Tim’s.” “Um, okay. Sure! I’ll… I’ll text you the address.” “Fantastic. It was so nice to meet you… ah… Felix?” “Alex.” “Alex! Right. And I’m Alice. That was the joke.” “Yeah. Yeah, Alex and Alice.” “Right. Sorry, Alex. Look, this has been… awesome. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow night.”
Since the summer of 2014 and the release of Careers, which Stereogum dubbed an "exceptional shoegazepop debut album," the main driving force behind Beverly has been Drew Citron. While Beverly began as a recording project between two friends, The Blue Swell out May 6th, 2016 on Kanine Records represents a fresh start for the band.

What do you do when your original writing partner up and moves to Los Angeles upon album release? You quickly form a new live touring band. And when you live in Bushwick in 2014 and you build and run indie rock venue Alphaville, that's easy to do. You even turn your two person project into a full blown rock band with energetic live shows. Then, you tour - across America and Europe - up and down the east coast and add in a few trips to the midwest. All the while, you never stop writing and collaborating.

On The Blue Swell, Citron's main collaborator is longtime tour mate and noise pop producer Scott Rosenthal (The Beets, Crystal Stilts), with Kip Berman (The Pains of Being Pure at Heart) lending co-writing talents to Victoria. Careers is acclaimed for its "fuzzed distortion and melodic sugar" (Rolling Stone) and its variety, with Pitchfork noting how it “careens from venomous, angry punk to jangly, mild lust to blown-out emotional hangover.” While you'll still find reverb, catchy hooks and a track or two like Bulldozer or South Collins that could perhaps fit into the debut, the new album takes a less aggressive and more melodic turn.

Lead single Crooked Cop, a dreamy allegory about deceit and confusion, sounds like a female fronted Teenage Fanclub. A direct hit like Contact is juxtaposed with the pretty and more leisurely The Smokey Pines.

Citron says, "It wasn't necessarily a conscious decision to create- or not create - a new sound, but changes were inevitable, and we're working harder than ever to get at what we love about good songs, what we can do with them, and how they can connect to people."

The new album is, in some respects, bolder, more playful yet more grounded. The Blue Swell was not conceived by two friends taking a piss on the road; it was lovingly crafted by a band putting down roots. It marks a new beginning for Beverly.
Russian Baths
Russian Baths is a band from Brooklyn, NY. Their debut track, "Ambulance," premiered on Stereogum.

The band treats feedback and harmony with equal significance. By incorporating dissonance into traditional song structures, their sound recalls Big Black's caustic fits, '70s space rock, Chapel Hill's noise pop, Big Muff driven grunge, and the angular arrangements of British post punk. Their cassette single, Ambulance, was released April 15th on Time Castle with a limited run.

Russian Baths is Luke Koz, Jess Ress, Evan Gill Smith, and Jeff Widner.
Venue Information:
Music Hall of Williamsburg
66 North 6th St
Brooklyn, NY, 11249